Professional Level Audio Recording: What You Need

There are a number of ways to produce an album and one of the most efficient is to make use of a space that you already own. Dedicate a bedroom in your home or locate a space that can be quiet for an elongated period of time. Once you’ve found a space, you need to have a computer equipped with a DAW which will allow you to record, edit and cut your audio. You will need an audio interface, microphones and headphones.

Audio interfaces, microphones and headphones are the first investment in increasing the quality of your recording. Your computer may be one of the best, but the built in microphone will never be better than something that pulls in a more individualized audio stream.

Headphones allow you to listen to what is being recorded without the addition of your surrounding noise. Studio monitors, cables, mic stands and pop filters are the final additions to a home studio in order to make the most affordable, crisp, quality audio recording. Podcasts are good to go on this set up and music can be recorded at a high quality level, especially when the work is compensated with on a digital audio workspace.